ID Builders was founded in 2003 by Bill Simon.  The company name is derived from the world of political campaigns where everyone seeking public office is intensely interested in building-up their “Name ID” into the minds of the voters to cast a ballot in their favor.

Since every business, actually, seeks to do the same thing to market their products or services, the name “ID Builders” was developed to describe the process of using advertising tools and channels to build-up the brand identity of businesses (and political candidates) into the minds of their target audience(s).

Bill graduated from Georgia Tech in 1983 with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, and graduated from Georgia State University in 1994 with a Master’s of Science in Finance.  After spending 20 years in engineering and information technology, Bill saw a need and an opportunity to enter the promotional products industry to help businesses reach their goals.

How do all these things relate to finding marketing solutions for your company?   Experience and wisdom gained through working for a myriad of business entities, in all kinds of different industries, is parlayed into a consulting company with a strong skill-set that helps us understand your business, how you go to market, who your target audience is, and how best to balance-out your budget to help you reach them.